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Omega Red
Omega Red   Omega Red   Omega Red   Omega Red was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts and is spitting fire and bringing the heat to the East Coast: New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Albany and New York City to name a few. He is also a producer who, with Francis Phan make up The Jugganautz. As artist, producer and
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arranger, Omega Red has refined the his blend of reality rap that not only reaches the streets of Beantown, but has earned his appeal to a broader audience as well. Omega Red has a charm and with that attracts all who listens to his music and watches him perform.

Growing up in the streets of Beantown, Omega Red led a troubled life. Realizing that he did not want to be another statistic, Omega Red changed his environment and joined the U.S. Air Force. His service introduced him to many cultures, which ultimately influenced his perception of music and the world. Omega Red, a prolific writer found focus and an escape in writing, in which he created well over one hundred songs in only three and a half years. Omega Red's position is genuine, "If I haven't experienced it, I don't want to write about it" and his motto is simple, "Respect my Vision".

Omega Red is inspiring fans nationwide and is known for his commanding stage presence.

Audiences immediately relate to his pain, joy

and laughter about his life story. In the process, he has attracted a large fan base that is steadily growing in numbers throughout the East Coast, which makes him a street credible renaissance man.

He has received national airplay on Boston's Hot 97 FM and JAMN 94.5 for his hit single "Soul Clap" and street sensation "Is U Hold'n".

Omega Red was featured in the October 2005 issue of Source Magazine in Off The Radar. In March of 2006, he opened for G Unit at the DCU in Worcester in which The Telegram made mention of his outstanding performance.

Omega Red honed his craft of rapping from major influences such as LL Cool J, Big Daddy Kane and Jay Z. Make no mistake, Omega Red lyrical flow and music has an undeniable distinctive and remarkable sound and he is committed to winning over audiences around the world.

Read more about Omega Red. Click to visit Omega Red at Myspace.