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Lovely Hoffman, Winner, Favorite R&B Band  
Lovely Hoffman

From performing as the opening act for Motown's platinum selling group 702, singing the National Anthem in front of over 34,000 fans in world famous Fenway Park, to being courted by major label record executives, one would think that any artist afforded these opportunities would jump at a moments notice to sign a record deal and further their career.

Well, for Lovely Hoffman, this was not the case.

According to Lovely the opportunity to become a "major" recording star had to wait. It was a hard decision, but when she was presented with a recording contract, Lovely decided to forego the record deal to pursue her academic goals. Lovely says, "I was going to college and it just wasn't the right time. My goal and focus was my education. I wanted to learn, grow and mature into a young adult . . . I didn't want to give up this important stage in my life.

At eighteen, Lovely was accepted to Boston College on numerous academic scholarships. Lovely says, "being accepted to Boston College . . . I was one of the most memorable moments in my life. . . I remember my parents always telling me how important school was. So, when I went to college I knew that I made them proud -- and that made me happy."
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Lovely Hoffman It wasn't long after Lovely began her college career that she became active in social politics. Lovely soon realized that college was truly a Different World, from where she'd come from -- especially the destitute neighborhoods of Roxbury's Orchard Park, where she was born and raised throughout her adolescent years.

For Lovely, a Boston native, singing became her all time passion at the tender age of nine. Unaware of her signing talents, it was at this age that Lovely was requested, unexpectedly, to sing a solo in church. From the excitement she felt and the reactions she received from the congregation, it was at that moment Lovely knew she wanted to become a singer and share her voice with the world.

Now, having already achieved her academic goals of graduating college and obtaining a Master's degree, Lovely is now on her way to accomplish yet another one of her lifetime goals -- Superstardom.

Lovely says the release of, In The Making, is yet another milestone in her life. "I've worked so hard and so long to develop great material . . . I write and sing about love, life and people's struggles . . . I'm ready to sing to the world because I get gratification when I touch others with my gift of song."

Lovely attributes her singing style to many great Gospel and R&B artists. Her influences include Fred Hammond, James Moore, The Truthettes, Milton Brunson, Mary J Blige, EnVogue, and Whitney Houston.

Lovely even credits Brandy, "Brandy is one of my favorite contemporary R&B singers -- I think she is great."

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